2.0.2for Android


Welcome to Planet of Cubes- global open world online multiplayer games with creative and survival modes shared by real players. Wide list of cool features will satisfy all your block crafting and building, exportation survival needs.

- Play on global open world creative or survival multiplayer server. Build block and chat with friends globally or privately
- Private maps with individual settings for creative or survival games
- Huge creative modes using chunk rents functionality and islands for unlimited exploration fun
- Totally for FREE
- Hundreds of block craft recipes
- Enhance armor, tools, weapons, other items to create unique inventory with new abilities. Become real hero using Enchanting!
- Craft golem, tame pets, spawn eggs
- Ride on horses, wear armor to protect your horse
- Amazing possibilities for players customization: from choosing fun skins to armor painting
- Great shop and NPC Trader in each spawn zones
- Wide variety of weapons/potions, fly using elytra for your survival protection
- Hostile mobs are attacking on survival
- Seasonal events with exciting themes
- Password protected parental control
- Lovely 3D graphics, sweet sounds

Build your own amazing mini world 3D shared by real players. Mine resources, craft block. Build a shelter to survive at nights full of hostile mobs.
Unlimited possibilities for all your survival and creative needs with amazing list of features. Thousands of real players will make your game more fun.
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Planet 2.0.2 تحديث

- Improved Hide N Seek mode gameplay and fixed some problems for seekers and hiders
- Added levels to the mobs inside Mansions. Every floor has different level of the mobs inside Mansions. New Mansions will be available soon after this update on the server
- Improved brightness of the stairs and slab blocks
- Now thorns enchantment will cause maximum of 4 damage levels
- Fixed several problems with horse riding
- Fixed wrong behavior of the Observer block



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    2021-06-23 08:00

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    Mateusz Socha

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    Android 5.0+