Prison Craft

Prison Craft

1.7.4for Android

Prison Craft

Prisoner mode - you are in a terrible prison where you just need to survive, search for food and maintain relationships with prisoners. Do you escape? Then you will need a lot of resources.

Prison construction mode (Build your own prison) - in the first game mode you got your own prison in very poor condition. Prisoners do not even have their own cells! Create a comfortable environment for them. Build cameras, expand rooms and restore order. In this mode, you have an unlimited amount of resources in your inventory and there is no damage, show your imagination!

Just voxel generation mode - just play in the sandbox! New mobs, lots of items for building and décor for your homes. Hunting, fishing, farming, good luck and fun game!


This app use code from the Minetest project
you can always get the newest Minetest code from
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Prison Craft 1.7.4 تحديث

Fix bugs, work optimization

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    2020-07-01 08:00

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    Juan Zurita

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    Android 4.1+