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Status is a status bar replacement that draws an overlay on top of the system-generated status bar. This means that the actual status bar is only hidden under the replacement; touch gestures are not overridden, and the standard notification panel is still shown. It needs a lot of permissions in order to obtain the information needed to display in the status bar. These are listed below.

- Accessibility Service: used to attempt to get the status bar color of the current app if the 'status bar coloring' preference is enabled.
- Notification Access: used to get the icons of the current notifications.
- System Alert Window, System Overlay Window: used to draw the status bar above all other apps.
- Battery Stats: used to find if the battery is charging and what percent it is at.
- Network State, Phone State: gets the type and connection of the phone network, and if airplane mode is enabled.
- Wifi State: finds if wifi is enabled and how good the connection is.
- Bluetooth: find if bluetooth is enabled & connected or not.
- Location Services: finds if GPS is enabled.
- Alarm: find if an alarm is set.
- External Storage: backup/restore all settings from a file.

Special thanks to the contributors that have helped to design the app, fix issues, and translate it to different languages:
- Anas Khan: designed the app icon & helped with UI
- Vukašin Anđelković: made a couple status bar icons
- Ghost Ninja: also made some status bar icons
- Eugenio Martinez Seguin: Spanish translations
- Kim Inseop: Korean translations
- Majida Whale: Chinese translations
- Marwan ALsidi: Arabic translations

أكثر .∨ تراجع∧

Status 3.7 تحديث

- improved permissions system
- fixed help/FAQ section
- improved app/activity setting design
- arabic translations by Marwan ALsidi
- fixed font issues
- other random bug fixes/improvements



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    2018-02-09 08:00

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    Android 4.1+